Uncover the Meaning Behind the Colour Finishes We Created For Mullan Ceramics

Uncover the Meaning Behind the Colour Finishes We Created For Mullan Ceramics

We recently officially launched our exciting new brand, Mullan Ceramics, via Instagram Live. If you missed it, you can re-watch the live launch here.

Our enriching ceramic collection is inspired by the essence and history of Mullan Village.

Mullan Ceramics has three organic colour finishes, all of which have been influenced by the natural beauty of the rural landscape that surrounds Mullan Village.

From the pebble dash factory walls, the red brick cottages and inhabitants, Mullan Village is full of character. Our ceramicist, Stephen, took inspiration from this centuries-old working village.

Mullan Village

Black Clay

Near the entrance to our factory in Mullan Village lies an old oak tree stump. The engravings on the tree’s bark have inspired the incorporation of strong textures in our ceramic designs. This natural texture reflects the roots of the ceramic craft.

The colour of the bog oak tree spurred the creation of our Black Clay colour finish. Black Clay is a blend of dark hues mixed with lighter shades as seen in the crackled texture on the tree stump’s surface.

The engraved markings on the surface of our ceramic designs resonate with the organic texture of this tree stump.

Mullan Ceramics Bog Oak Wall Light

Red Iron

Red brick can be found in the numerous old buildings in Mullan Village. Our potter Stephen used the rough textures on the aged red bricks of what was once the old Post Office to help establish the crackle effect that is now a staple feature in our ceramic designs.

The Red Iron colour finish reflects the original character of Mullan Village and captures the beauty of the familiar red row cottages that line the roadside as you drive through this quaint and peaceful rural community.

Mullan Ceramics Red Iron Colour Finish

Blue Earth

For our third colour finish, Stephen wanted to incorporate traditional ceramic techniques to help create a truly unique design.

The colour blue has a special meaning in the ceramic craft and dates to 15th century China. Derived from the natural element cobalt, this ancient colouring technique inspired artists to include colour in their artwork.

Stephen has developed a unique ombre paintbrush method that creates a two-toned hue on the surface of the ceramic shades. This artistic brushstroke façade resembles the rippled waters of the Blackwater River that runs alongside our factory in Mullan. This river once powered the old flax mill that we now occupy.

Cobalt blue has particular significance in the history of ceramics and thus makes up the third colour finish in the Mullan Ceramics lighting collection.

Mullan Ceramics Blue Earth Colour Finish

In design creation and development, it was hugely important for us to weave snippets of Mullan Village into our ceramic products.

Combining natural elements with sustainable materials, Mullan Ceramics operates as an eco-friendly, organic brand that infuses the charm of the surrounding landscape in each design.

From colour finishes and textures to product names, we wanted to represent the true beauty of this historic village.

Mullan Ceramics helps sustain the tradition of Mullan as a village of makers.

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