Six Lighting Trends to Consider in 2020

Six Lighting Trends to Consider in 2020

A year that has so far been absorbed by a world health pandemic and untimely celebrity deaths, it is truly refreshing to have the familiar sense of warmth and certainty that come with these lighting trends. Whether your décor is modern or traditional, these fashionable lighting designs are sure to compliment your space.

Bring light stylishly into your home with these six 2020 lighting trends.

1. Soft Gold Finish

Soft gold is a popular colour choice for light fixtures in 2020. As a timeless colour option, the soft gold finish compliments both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Offering a touch of elegance, the cast of gold matches all colour schemes, rewarding the light fixtures with an ageless appeal. The glamour associated with the colour gold is offered in a more subtle and understated manner through the use of the soft finishes that this trend brings.

A regal touch without going full blown royal.


A selection of our soft gold lighting designs including the Jordan double wall light, the Beverly Pendant and the Reznor ceiling light.


2. Refined Industrial

Industrial style lighting returns as a firm lighting style favourite. Industrial style lighting can be introduced to a variety of interiors, ranging from country homes to urban loft spaces.

Industrial and rustic style lighting compliments stylishly with distressed wood, concrete and metal furnishings. Adding character to any interior space, industrial lighting is available in an array of options, from pendant lighting to bathroom wall lights.

Can you introduce this retro style into your home? Polished chrome and matte black are earning popularity as a colour finish to help achieve this style.


A selection of our refined industrial designs including the Telal pendant, the Fabo glass wall light and the Nerissa wall light.


3. Exposed Lighting

A lighting trend that originated from Edison style light bulbs continues through 2020. The charming aesthetic that comes with exposed light fixtures is almost majestic. This lighting trend can be implemented across an abundance of interior spaces. Introducing an exposed light fixture to your interior can offer an element of charisma, create different moods and establish a decorative focal point.

This can be through the simple use of a single pendant light or through a cluster of lights. Either way, you can be sure to gain complements with the simplicity of this bare bulb lighting style.


A selection of our exposed bulb designs including the Fossa pendant, the Vox table light and the Doon pendant.


4. Modern Mid-Century

The simplicity of mid-century design is favourable in 2020. Clean lines emphasise the use of high-quality materials to produce a seamless finish. This emerging lighting trend that combines mid-century style with a modern twist offers a sense of elegance and charm. Incorporating mid-century styling into your interior brings a sense of character to your new space.

In the middle of the last century, there was huge reliance on the illumination provided by a single light fixture. This resulted in the use of multiple bulbs in a single feature. Designers also experimented with different shapes and architectural designs to ensure lighting was evenly dispersed.

A tasteful addition to help achieve this elegant style is through the display of opal glass globe light fixtures. The combination of spheres, soft curves and straight lines projects dignified beauty in a graceful fashion.

rome-filiatra-boho-midcentury modern-chandeliersmullan-lighting-lighting-trends-2020 

A selection of our modern mid-century designs including the Rome, Filiatra and Boho chandeliers.


5. Clear Pendants

The ongoing organic and healthy living trend continues to inspire our home interior. Clear glass light pendants allow the flow of natural daylight throughout spaces and is a popular choice in both kitchens and bathrooms. The glass pendants offer a clean finish, illustrating a fresh and pure space, which is highly desirable in these popular living quarters.

Whether it is a display of pendants above a kitchen island or through a single hanging spotlight in a bathroom area, clear pendants have the ability to grant an element of sophistication.

A fun alternative to adding a decorative feature to your interior is to hang pendants at varying heights, creating a focal point within the room.


A selection of our clear glass pendant designs including the Luang, Riad and Kairi pendants.


6. Matte Black

An unexpected popular trend for light fixtures this year is black lighting designs. Black offers a sleek and classic touch to interior spaces. Titled as being the new neutral colour of 2020, it is without doubt that this dark shade has been transforming interiors.

Designers have said that black can be introduced to almost all colour palettes, blending into an array of interior styles and concepts.

A dramatic colour choice, matte black offers an edgy element, giving your guests something to talk about! Wall lights and pendants are tipping the popularity chart when it comes to black light fixtures. They’re a subtle addition, allowing you to dip your toes into a new world of colour and style.

midas pendant light-borris floor lamp-wyse pendant lamp-mullan-lighting-lighting-trends-2020 

A selection of our matte black designs including the Midas pendant, the Borris floor light and the Wyse pendant.

2020 is a year to experiment with established lighting styles by adding a bold and colourful twist.

It is without question that lighting can transform an interior space through simple design, colour and architectural inspiration.


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