Made in Mullan

Made in Mullan

The Village of Mullan

Nestled in the heart of Ireland, Mullan Village's story is one of resilience and revival. Originating as an Ulster mill settlement in the 19th century, the village's name, derived from the Irish word "muileann" meaning "mill," signifies its industrious roots. Initially thriving with a local flax mill in the 1850s, Mullan was a vibrant community of workers residing in quaint village cottages.

However, the early 20th century saw the mill's closure and the village's decline, until a resurgence in 1924 with the establishment of the Border Brand shoe factory by the Monaghan Boot Company. The village buzzed with life once more, thanks to Owen Mulligan's renovation efforts and the community spirit fostered by local shops and a post office.

Despite challenges from World War II and the eventual closure of the shoe factory in the 1990s, Mullan's spirit endured. The village faced abandonment and disrepair, yet Séamus Mulligan, a resident with deep familial ties, remained. In a turn of fate, 2002 marked the beginning of Mullan's rebirth as Michael Treanor took the helm, refurbishing cottages and laying the groundwork for Mullan Lighting in 2009.

The Mill Building

From its inception as a flax mill with a 1km long mill race, to its time as the heartbeat of the Border Brand Shoe Company, and later, James Boylan and Sons, the mill building has been a cornerstone of Mullan's industrial history.

When Mike Treanor took over, the challenge was immense. With leaking roofs and collapsing floors, the building's transformation required vision and perseverance. Starting in a single room, Mike's efforts expanded as Mullan Lighting grew, breathing new life into the historic structure.

The old part of the Mullan lighting factory from the mid-19th CenturyThe old part of the Mullan lighting factory from the mid-19th Century

What It Means to Be Made in Mullan

Being "Made in Mullan" is a badge of honor. It embodies a commitment to quality, customisation, and innovation. Each lighting piece, handcrafted in our village workshop, is a testament to the skill of our artisans and the rich heritage of our surroundings. Our design team, aided by the tradespeople within the factory, continuously pushes the boundaries of lighting design.

Inspiration from the village is woven into the fabric of our creations, with colors and textures like Blue Earth, Black Clay, Red Iron, and a Marbled finish echoing the local landscape. Our Rivale collection, inspired by Irish wildflowers, showcases the natural beauty that envelops us.

The Rivale matte white wall lightThe Rivale matte white wall light

Employing an eclectic mix of trades and craftspeople, Mullan Lighting is not just a place of work; it's a community. A community where every idea is nurtured, every client's vision is valued, and pride in our work is paramount. "Made in Mullan" is more than a statement of origin—it's a declaration of the values, history, and community spirit that illuminate every piece we create.

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