Eight things to consider when choosing lights for your bar or restaurant

Eight things to consider when choosing lights for your bar or restaurant

Whether you intend to add more glamour to your bar and restaurant or make it more homely and contemporary, choosing the right lighting to achieve your desired look is key. Gone are the days when restaurant lighting consisted of flooding the ceiling with the maximum number of light bulbs. There are countless factors to consider before choosing a lighting scheme for your bar or restaurant.Whether you intend to add more glitz and glamour to your bar and restaurant or make it more homely and contemporary, choosing the right lighting to achieve your desired look is key. There have been countless ideas showing, that much like your bar and restaurant's interior design should be elegant, the lighting system ought to offer a perfect mix of what is served there and what your patrons love. However, since the world is moving pretty fast, don't be rigid and less informed like those who see no reason to upgrade their pub lighting system. Gone are the days when restaurant lighting consisted of flooding the ceiling with maximum light bulbs without considering the impact the "care free" ideas would generate. Apparently, there are countless factors to consider before taking the plunge. Eight of the things to consider when choosing the light for your bar and restaurant entails the following:

The type of lighting

As perhaps the alpha and omega of most of the modern eateries, lighting is without a doubt, as essential as those that your establishment aims to attract. Romantic ones might need mild light complete with the most suitable bulbs. In numerous settings, the Lome cluster pendant and the Jam Jar cluster pendant have relentlessly proven to be the most common type. Other versatile lighting options that work in a multiple of settings include pendants positioned over bars and wall lighting for enhanced lighting and illumination. The Jam Jar cluster pendant from Mullan Lighting will add a unique lighting touch to any bar or restaurant Mullan Lighting produces pendant light fixtures that will elegantly highlight any pub or restaurant space.

The mood

The mood is perhaps how your faithful feel when inside your establishment, any misjudgement can be utterly detrimental. Romantic pubs and restaurant's lighting can't be equal to those whole family ones or holiday seaside resorts. Let the light define the mood and the theme of the entire institution. Deciding on soft or vibrant lighting depends on the use and clientele of the bar restaurant. Lighting is an important part of a pub or restaurants design scheme. An incorrect lighting design scheme can affect the ambience of a space. Mullan Lighting has a number of light fixtures that will help create the perfect pub/restaurant ambience.


Lighting designers do understand that light designs with clear glass and globes are better used in bars/restaurants where customers will be reading menus and watching the latest sports on the big screen in order to project the maximum possible light. Lights such as the Nyx Adjustable coolie glass wall light is perfect in this situation. Bars where the owner knows the patrons come to wind down for an evening glass of wine do not need as much lighting visibility in creating lighting design.  When choosing your lighting, you must consider how much visibility you need them to offer. The NYX coolie wall light from Mullan Lighting is a perfect task lighting fixture for diners in a restaurant NYX coolie wall light

Available space

Pub lighting might look simple for those who understand little about it. Apparently, lighting up a limited space is hard when the bulbs ought to shine little light while not disturbing the mood generated. In such scenarios, it is better to set them on the ceiling, perhaps using flush lighting or short pendants. The Mono industrial flush light will sit perfectly in any limited space whilst giving sufficient light output. In a restaurant where there is limited space, a semi flush light or flush ceiling light is the perfect option

Colour and décor

Just like furnishing your restaurant, the chosen lighting system ought to complement the colours and furniture used. If the floor is brown and the walls are white, any restaurant lighting used will automatically be illuminated. Again, lots of care needs to be considered when choosing the colour of the wall as this will affect the lighting output and appearance of the lights. antique-bar

Lighting's design

Far from the type of lighting, designs do much to dictate where a particular type is suitable. Vintage-inspired Chandeliers are often used on those antique designed eateries such as the Clones five-arm Schoolhouse chandelier. Whereas in more modern sleek bars and restaurants, chandeliers such as the Madaba chandelier will add to the overall design of the bar/restaurant. The Madaba chandelier from Mullan Lighting is perfect for adding to contemporary and modern pubs and restaurants


It is true that the light's position at a restaurant plays a focal position in setting the mood. Those placed on the wall are frequently used at romantic resorts and bars, but lights hung from the ceiling are perfect for daytime eateries. Lights at the bar region are often hung above the seating area while those on the dancing area are set high above everyone's possible reach. In those restaurants that aim to use the natural light, use of dimmer lights are the best option. The Dale poster light from Mullan Lighting will add an industrial touch to any space.

Manufacturer and price

It is practically imperative to buy your restaurant lighting from a reputable manufacturer or retailer. Do your research into the manufacturer and their history of providing lighting for bars and restaurants. Reputable manufacturers will provide some information on the types of projects they have undertaken which allows you to contact/visit the bars and restaurants that they have done the lights for. Reputable manufacturers usually come at a price but in the long term this will save you money as not having to change fittings due to their quality and resilience. The Brussels pendant light is a factory-style pendant that adds an industrial aesthetic to this restaurant space.
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