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UL Listed Lighting Explained

What Does UL Listed Mean?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a global safety consulting and certification company headquartered in the United States. Before we sell our light fixtures into the United States or Canada (and dozens of other countries), we ensure that our light fixtures are tested by Underwriters Laboratories to ensure the highest safety standards.

Do UL Listed Light Fixtures Look Different?

As a European lighting manufacturing, by default, all of our light fixtures are designed and manufactured to European standards. All of the photography on our website illustrates our light fixtures as manufactured to European standards and specifications. When sending our light fixtures to the United States and Canada the specifications of each change. For the most part specification changes are not visible, with the exception of wall brackets, ceiling roses and cable.

A summary of the specification changes is below;

  Standard Fixture UL Fixture
Bulbs Standard We don't supply compatible bulbs. These must be purchased locally.
Cable As specified Round cable only in black or brown
Ceiling Rose As specified UL ceiling rose 4.7" (120mm)
Lamp Holder E27 / E14 E26 / E12
Plug Type C / Tyge G Type A / Type B (What are these?)
Voltage 220/240V 110/120V
Wall Bracket As specified As specified on our website. However, you can request a larger wall bracket to conceal a large junction box if required.

What Are the Visual Differences?

Although the difference between our European standard light fixtures and our UL listed light fixtures is small, some are noticeable and worth highlighting. Each possible visual discrepancy is listed below with images to better illustrate each alteration.


Any products depicting twisted fabric cable are sent with round PVC cable. Cable colours are restricted to black and brown only.

UL cable from Mullan Lighting

Ceiling Rose

All ceiling roses supplied with applicable light fixtures are 4.7” (120mm) in diameter. This ensures that they fully conceal any of the multiple junction box types that may be present.

UL ceiling rose from Mullan Lighting

Wall Bracket

By default all UL listed light fixtures are supplied with their standard wall bracket as photographed on our website. For the most part these work fine in the United States and Canada. On occasion however, a large junction box may be present in the wall and measure up to 3.9” (100mm) in diameter. In cases where a large junction box is present and is required to be fully concealed by a light fixture’s wall bracket, the customer may request a larger wall bracket. For this we offer two solutions that are depicted below. These can be communicated at the time of order by quoting wall bracket option A or option B. Unless other stated our default wall bracket will be sent.

UL wall bracket example 1

UL wall bracket example 2

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