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Cleaning Instructions

All Metal and Powder-Coated Finishes

To clean the fitting use a non-abrasive lint free cloth. Do not use liquid chemical or abrasive cleaner. It is recommended that the fitting is not installed in areas that are liable to reach an ambient temperature in excess of 35° degree Celsius.

Polished and Satin Brass, Antique Silver or Copper

Brass and copper metals are lacquered to prevent tarnishing; therefore, using a brass cleaner is not necessary. To maintain the finish, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe your lamp.


An occasional gentle dusting with a feather duster or soft dry cloth is all that necessary. If you need to clean further use a warm damp cloth only. Always avoid using any liquid cleaners or powdered cleaners as they may stain the clay. Ensure that your product is turned off before cleaning.

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