Our Ardle pendant lights enhance the authenticity of this Japanese restaurant

Taeko is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in one of the oldest market areas of Paris. Atelier ÈS – an interior design firm located in Paris – designed this small, charming restaurant.

Taeko is known as a hidden gem in this bustling area of Paris – filled with brightly-lit brasseries and famous theatres – and serves high-quality authentic Japanese dishes in a tapas style serving. Atelier ÈS designed a space that reflects traditional Japanese architecture and culture with a predominantly wooden interior throughout.

Our Ardle pendant lights complement the soft wooden décor of Taeko restaurant, Paris.
Our Ardle pendant lights complement the soft wooden décor

Complementing this soft wooden décor are our Ardle modern factory pendant lights. These versatile pendant lights are suspended from the carefully crafted wooden beams throughout Taeko. Paired with an Edison-style filament bulb, the Ardle pendant creates an inviting, warm glow that is accentuated with it uniquely designed white shade.


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