Brown Fabric Braided Rubber Cable, 2 Core


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Did you know that we offer a bespoke manufacturing service? The majority of light fixtures that we manufacture can be customised in terms of colour, size and suspension length.

We also offer a complete bespoke service whereby we begin with a design concept from the client.

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2 Core Brown Braided Flexible Rubber Cable. This coloured lighting cable is ideal for outdoor decorative lighting. This woven fabric covered flex can be cut to any required length. Braided wire is the ideal choice for the restoration of antique lights, chandeliers and candelabras.

Relevant standard: Construction of the core is tinned copper strands insulated with 180o C FEP to ' IEMMEQU '. A reinforcing layer of 180oC Silicon is extruded prior to braiding and twisting.

CE Approved Yes
UKCA Approved Yes
Insulation Colours Blue
Core Diameter 2 X 0.75
Number of Cores 2 Core
Operating Temperature -40o C +180o C Maximum Outer Insulation Temperature