Our well glass wall lights help create an intimate dining experience at this Parisian restaurant

Margo is a small restaurant and wine bar managed by Japanese chef Keita Kitamura. Situated on Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris, Margo adds to the roster of small-plate restaurants in the French capital, serving a selection of fine French delicacies. The restaurant offers an intimate dining experience – encouraged by our well glass lights – where diners can enjoy a range of succulent French dishes made with fresh, top-quality ingredients.

With the interior designed by Parisian-based interior architects Atelier ÈS, Margo is fitted with vintage-style wooden tables and chairs and complemented with lush greenery. Our Fabo well glass wall lights with brass protective cages add an overall authentic feel to the dining area. Accompanied by our Asmara well glass pendant light, these light fixtures produce a warm, inviting glow accentuating the intimate ambience of the restaurant.

Margo restaurant, Paris features our lights
Our lights help create an intimate dining experience at this Parisian restaurant

Atelier ÈS used our classic Blaenau Victorian Holophane pendant light to add contemporary decorative lighting in the restaurant. This beautiful pendant, inspired by the Victorian era makes a striking statement in the restaurant. Complete with a Holophane glass shade, the pendant diffuses rays of light in interesting patterns, illuminating the entrance of this fine restaurant.


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