Contemporary restaurant lighting at Le Madison, Nice

Situated in the heart of Nice, France, Le Madison restaurant certainly is unique. The cocktail bar and restaurant has a casual atmosphere with an intimate and luxurious interior, encouraged by its intelligent use of light and light fixtures throughout the restaurant.

Opened in the final few days of 2016, the restaurant interior was designed by renowned French architects Baldini Architecture d’Interieur. We worked closely with the interior architect who selected our Kingston and Neiva chandeliers in polished brass to help depict their desired themes of luxury and intelligence. The careful placement of our chandeliers has helped create a bold but contemporary dining experience.

Good restaurant lighting design at Le Madison, Nice
Le Madison has used soft light and lots of upholstery to create a comfortable dining experience
Our Neiva chandelier creates a striking centre-piece in this restaurant lighting project
Our Neiva chandelier creates a striking focal point above each dining table
A row of ceiling lights directs customers through the restaurant
A row of fixed ceiling lights are used to direct diners’ eyes through the restaurant
A double row of fixed ceiling lights in this restaurant lighting project
The Kingston chandelier is another example of careful placement of a light fixture that’s used to impress customers as they first enter the French restaurant
Our Kingston chandelier greets customers as they enter the restaurant
A row of fixed ceiling lights used to divide the restaurant into distinct sections and guide customers through the space

If you’d like to work with us on your next restaurant lighting project get in touch. All photographs by Sébastien Veraguas / Studio 614.


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