Legendary Italian delicatessen Lina Stores uses our globe wall lights in new Soho restaurant

Legendary Italian delicatessen Lina Stores has opened its first Italian restaurant at 51 Greek Street, Soho, London. This exquisite restaurant is part of the 75 year-old “Soho Institution” and is an extension of the original deli on Brewster Street that is famous for creating beloved pasta dishes.

The popular Soho delicatessen is recognisable by its distinctive pale green and white striped design scheme and the Soho restaurant is no different. Designed by Red Deer Architects, the restaurant pays homage to the original deli, allowing the Lina Stores brand to be instantly recognisable.

Our Yaounde globe wall lights feature in Lina stores
Our Yaounde globe wall lights feature in Lina stores

Red Deer Architects designed an eye-catching interior for this exquisite Italian restaurant. Guests are welcomed by a striped awning and mosaic floor upon entrance of this 53-seat space. The distinctive green and white colour palette is prevalent throughout, with a green and cream terrazzo floor that accentuates the sleek white table tops and padded green stools. Even the delightful selection of food is served on pale-green plates that echo the Lina Stores brand colours.

Our Yaounde globe wall lights create the perfect atmosphere in this London Italian restaurant
Our Yaounde globe wall lights command attention against the rustic walls

The restaurant boasts a comfortable environment with a mid-century design featuring brushed aluminium, steel and ribbed glass surfaces. Talented designers Red Deer Architects used exposed brick walls and paint-washed plaster to help create a unique atmosphere for diners. Our Yaounde double globe wall lights command attention on these exposed brick walls. These opal globe wall lights effortlessly create a warm diffused glow that harks to the rustic appearance of the dining space. An antique silver finish adds a beautiful vintage style to the interior, creating an inviting and welcoming glow for would-be diners.


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