Keeping the traditional Irish aesthetic alive at Kennedy’s station

Kennedy’s Station is one of Dublin’s best known watering holes, steeped in Irish history and tradition. Established in 1850, the famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde earned his first shilling here and often mused over a pint of stout on a Sunday evening. Located on the doorstep of Trinity College in central Dublin, this historic pub enjoys a mixed clientele from those in academia to tourists visiting on literary and musical pub tours.

Our lights in Kennedy's Station
Our lights add to the Irish culture felt at Kennedy’s Station.

This long-standing bar and restaurant is now under new management, bringing with it a visual makeover to the pub’s interior and the addition of a new cocktail bar inside. L’Estrange Design created a unique and thought-led interior for the bar, ensuring a traditional Irish aesthetic was kept alive throughout.

Our Amias wall light hangs on the retro patterned wallpaper adjacent to the seating areas in the bar. With two brass cones, this industrial wall light directs light downward, illuminating the picture frames throughout Kennedy’s Station, acting as the perfect accent lighting source. L’Estrange Design also used our Dublin brass picture lights to illuminate the traditional paintings on the walls. With a curved brass arm, our picture lights beautifully frame each picture and complement the artwork itself.

Our lights feature in Kennedy's Station Dublin
Our Amias wall lights illuminate Kennedy’s Station.

As part of the refurbishment of this historic bar and restaurant, it was important to draw on the traditional style of the bar while also incorporating a modern twist in order to appeal to the varied clientele that visit Kennedy’s Station each year. Our Asmara well glass pendant light effortlessly encapsulates a modern industrial look with its brass cage, adding to the mix of contemporary and traditional décor. This striking pendant is delicately suspended above the sleek black marble bar top, adding warmth and comfort to the overall space.

Our Asmara well glass pendant in Kennedy's Station
Our Asmara well glass pendant encapsulates a modern industrial look.

The white and green tiled décor in the bar reflects the Irish tradition felt at Kennedy’s Station, creating a retro and vintage aesthetic. With an elegant finish, our Florin well glass wall light sits on these vintage tiles, reflecting light on the tiles to help illuminate the surrounding space.

Our Florin well glass wall light at Kennedy's Station.
Our Florin well glass wall light sits on the vintage tiles at Kennedy’s Station.


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