Vintage lighting at The Goose Island Brewhouse, Chicago

The Goose Island Brewhouse, Chicago is an innovative craft brewery that produces award-winning beer in the United States. Interior designers 555 International devised a holistic concept for the renovation of this famous brew house and their designs stemmed from the history and culture of the Goose Island roots.

Our marlow pendants at The Goose Island Brewhouse
Our marlow cage lamp pendants are suspended in The Goose Island Brewhouse.

Our Marlow cage lamp pendants are suspended above the beautiful walnut countertop in The Vintage Ale Bar, seamlessly adding to the vintage and industrial aesthetic of the bar itself. Acting as the perfect lighting source in the dining area of the bar, our Wyse pendant light’s produce a soft lighting effect that reflect the rustic charm of The Goose Island Brewhouse brand.


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