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We offer a wide range of chandeliers in a variety of shapes and styles to enhance the appeal of your home. Whether you want to add some sparkle in your home to suprise your guests, our modern chandeliers and industrial chandeliers can easily become the focal point of a room, or a modern accent to highlight your overall design. Our chandeliers have also been used extensively in hotel lighting projects around the world.

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10.165,95 kr incl tax

Agrinio chandelier

25.122,75 kr incl tax

Alegre modern chandelier

8.062,65 kr incl tax

Allen chandelier

9.289,58 kr incl tax

Amman chandelier

2.103,30 kr incl tax

Aneho cluster pendant light

6.543,60 kr incl tax

Ardee chandelier

8.763,75 kr incl tax

Ashbourne Chandelier

8.763,75 kr incl tax

Ashbourne Clear Chandelier

12.736,65 kr incl tax

Athlone chandelier

10.399,65 kr incl tax

Bellavary chandelier

14.723,10 kr incl tax

Comala contemporary chandelier

12.269,25 kr incl tax

Combe modern chandelier

6.193,05 kr incl tax

Cullen B three-arm chandelier

20.448,75 kr incl tax

Darwin Chandelier

11.217,60 kr incl tax

Emioni modern chandelier

6.952,58 kr incl tax

Filiatra modern chandelier

8.763,75 kr incl tax

Goiania industrial chandelier

12.269,25 kr incl tax

Gramophone quirky chandelier

7.478,40 kr incl tax

Hakone industrial chandelier

9.289,58 kr incl tax

Irbid modern chandelier

5.842,50 kr incl tax

Jam Jar cluster pendant

11.217,60 kr incl tax

Kalamata modern chandelier

9.932,25 kr incl tax

Kendu modern chandelier

6.076,20 kr incl tax

Kigoma flush chandelier

26.291,25 kr incl tax

Killarney chandelier

8.763,75 kr incl tax

Kingston modern chandelier

6.777,30 kr incl tax

Kyoto industrial chandelier

18.696,00 kr incl tax

Laragh industrial chandelier

3.096,52 kr incl tax

Lome cluster pendant light

6.426,75 kr incl tax

Lome one-tier chandelier

8.763,75 kr incl tax

Lyx one-tier chandelier

18.111,75 kr incl tax

Madaba modern chandelier

5.608,80 kr incl tax

Medan five-arm chandelier

2.570,70 kr incl tax

Mombasa industrial chandelier

22.785,75 kr incl tax

Nagano sputnik chandelier

9.231,15 kr incl tax

Nagoya chandelier

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