Three unique lighting ideas for your kitchen

Kitchen lighting must be carefully considered. It must provide ample light and ambience to illuminate the space and work surfaces especially. It must also complement the kitchen’s own aesthetic and, in some cases, be the focal point that draws people in.

We love when our customers and clients use our lights in unique and unusual ways. Inspired by our own clients’ clever ways of installing and adopting our fixtures we describe three unique lighting ideas for your kitchen below.

A unique Parisian penthouse kitchen

Unique lighting ideas - Rebell Coolie light
Our Rebell Coolie light used in a clever and unique way in this Parisian penthouse apartment.

Pendants are the fixture of choice in kitchen’s for most designers. They’re extremely versatile and functional and, for the most part, can be installed in the required position.

In this Parisian penthouse apartment however, the designers, ATELIER-ÈS, used a clever and unique lighting technique in order to retain the room’s symmetry and aesthetics. To spot illuminate surfaces in varying positions yet still have each light fixture originating from the same, spectacular oak beam, the client has attached our Rebell Coolie picture light to the beam and adjusted its position as desired. Our Rebell Coolie adjustable light fixture is normally attached to a wall. This unique lighting idea helps maintain symmetry within the penthouse kitchen in Paris while providing adequate light on all surfaces.

An alternative retro kitchen in Hackney

Unique lighting ideas for your kitchen
Our Lyx wall lights integrated in a unique and intelligent way above this kitchen counter top in London.

Like the Parisian rooftop kitchen described above, this client in Hackney, London faced a similar issue. A lean-to roof made entirely out of glass prevented the client from using traditional pendants in their retro-styled kitchen.

The client’s unique kitchen lighting idea would see three of our Rio adjustable lights fixed high on the kitchen wall with arms extended and shades positioned and pointed directly to the working surface below.

The antique brass finish on our Rio adjustable light fixtures matches the aesthetic of the Hackney kitchen perfectly. The retro fridge-freezer and matching splash back and painted floor boards help this kitchen come alive.

A mid-century modern kitchen in London

Our Cairo wall light in a mid-century modern kitchen
Our Cairo wall lights may be considered unusual in a mid-century modern kitchen, however, they complement the décor perfectly.

This mid-century modern kitchen in an Edwardian home on the outskirts of London provides our third and final unique kitchen lighting idea.

Designed by Owl Design (and kitchen from deVOL Kitchens), the bold teal colour really stands out against the bright white ceiling and heavy coving.

Unique lighting ideas - our Cairo wall light above a ceramic Belfast sink
Our Cairo wall light used to illuminate the space above and below this beautiful ceramic Belfast sink.

Not typically associated with kitchen lighting, our brass Cairo wall lights have been used beautifully to accentuate the kitchen’s mid-century modern feel. Instead of opting for a brass pendant designers Owl Design chose our Cairo wall lights as an unusual but welcome alternative.

All three unique lighting ideas showcased illustrate that it’s good to be creative and unusual when designing your kitchen lighting scheme.

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